June 20, 2024

Seraphim Selects Nine Promising Startups for Latest Space Accelerator Program

Seraphim Selects Nine Promising Startups for Latest Space Accelerator Program

Seraphim Space, in collaboration with its U.S. arm Generation Space, has unveiled the cohort for its 13th accelerator program, aimed at nurturing early-stage startups poised to disrupt the space industry. The three-week intensive course, tailored to equip these ventures with the requisite networking and mentorship support, is primed to catalyze their journey towards investment readiness.

Hailing from diverse geographical backgrounds including the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, and India, the nine selected startups represent a spectrum of pioneering endeavors spanning propulsion, cybersecurity, space situational awareness, geospatial insights, and in-orbit biotechnology manufacturing. Seraphim’s track record speaks volumes, with approximately 95 ventures from past iterations collectively amassing an impressive $345 million in investment.

One standout success story from the Seraphim alumni is Xona Space Systems, a California-based startup specializing in satellite-based navigation services. Having participated in Seraphim’s third accelerator program back in 2019, Xona Space Systems recently announced securing a notable $19 million in a Series A funding round, attesting to the program’s efficacy in fostering growth and attracting capital.

The accelerator’s impact is palpable, with an impressive 85% of participating companies receiving investment within 12 months of program completion. Moreover, an impressive 93% of ventures have successfully secured funding to date, with an average raise of $4 million per startup. Such statistics underscore the program’s efficacy in not only propelling startups towards investment but also in sustaining their growth trajectory post-program.

Seraphim’s commitment to nurturing innovation in the space sector extends beyond the accelerator itself. The recent announcement of a $100 million fund further amplifies the opportunities available to program graduates. Eligible startups from the latest cohort will have the chance to leverage this significant financial backing, providing them with additional resources to scale their ventures and drive impactful change within the industry.

As the global space ecosystem continues to evolve, initiatives like Seraphim’s accelerator program serve as catalysts for innovation, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of startups poised to shape the future of space exploration and technology. With the latest cohort of trailblazing ventures poised to embark on their journey, the stage is set for another chapter of groundbreaking advancements in the final frontier.


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