May 20, 2024
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Nighttime Zoo Experiences for Adults across the U.S.

Nighttime Zoo Experiences for Adults across the U.S.

Chelsea Cound, a mental health worker and volunteer who frequents evening events at the Minnesota Zoo, highlights the unique appeal: “The fun thing is that there are no kids, and the adults can focus on the animals and the social atmosphere.” She emphasizes the difference in ambiance compared to typical outings like dining or watching a movie, underlining the freedom to move around and engage in discussions about the sensory experiences of sight, sound, and smell. These after-hours affairs often include a variety of attractions such as breweries, live music, yard games, zookeeper talks, and special animal exhibits. Attendees like Amy Hernandez, from Oklahoma, who has enjoyed multiple Zoo Nights parties at the Tulsa Zoo, appreciate the diverse crowd these events attract, ranging from singles and couples to groups of women on a girls’ night out. Hernandez also values the opportunity to support wildlife conservation efforts, stating, “You’re contributing to wildlife conservation. It makes you feel good about what you’re doing.

Several zoos across the country offer adults-only events:


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Colorado: Known for its Tails, Tunes & Tastes evenings, guests can expect a lively atmosphere with party attire encouraged. In addition to enjoying animal exhibits, attendees can feed the giraffe herd and indulge in unlimited small-plate snacks and drinks. Tickets are priced at $64.75.

Nashville Zoo

Tennessee: With events like Sips for Species, Brew at the Zoo, and BOOze at the Zoo, Nashville Zoo caters to various tastes, offering drink samples from numerous vendors, live music, food trucks, and Halloween-themed activities. Ticket prices vary for each event.

Dallas Zoo

Texas: Wild Canvas, part of the After Dark series, offers a unique blend of art and wildlife, featuring painting, specialty foods, drinks, games, and music against the backdrop of diverse animal habitats. Ticket prices are yet to be announced.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Illinois: Craft Brews at Lincoln Park Zoo allows guests to sample from a wide selection of beers and ciders while exploring the zoo’s gardens and animal exhibits. Admission starts at $55, with additional events like Adults Night Out: Pride Party also on offer.

Tulsa Zoo

Oklahoma: Zoo Nights offer opportunities to roam the grounds freely, with special exhibits and drink packages available. Conservation on Tap allows guests to support wildlife conservation efforts while enjoying beer tastings, animal encounters, and yard games. Admission prices vary for each event.

Minnesota Zoo:

From Bears and Brews featuring breweries and baby farm animals to Wild Nights with live bands and food trucks, the Minnesota Zoo offers a range of adult events from January to August. Ticket prices start at $25. These events provide not only entertainment but also a chance to contribute to wildlife conservation efforts, making for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for attendees.

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