May 26, 2024

NBC Sports Could Reacquire ‘Roundball Rock’ for NBA Broadcasts: John Tesh Reveals

NBC Sports Could Reacquire 'Roundball Rock' for NBA Broadcasts: John Tesh Reveals

In the realm of sports television themes, few are as iconic and beloved as “Roundball Rock,” the masterpiece composed by John Tesh for NBC’s coverage of the NBA. Its potential return to the airwaves has sparked excitement among basketball enthusiasts and nostalgic fans alike.

NBCUniversal’s Bid for NBA Rights

NBCUniversal, under Comcast’s banner, has tabled an impressive offer averaging $2.5 billion annually to secure broadcasting rights for NBA games. This bid signifies a keen interest in reclaiming a stake in the lucrative sports broadcasting arena after a 22-year hiatus.

Competition Between NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. Discovery

Despite NBCUniversal’s robust bid, Warner Bros. Discovery remains a formidable contender in the race for NBA broadcasting rights. However, financial considerations and market dynamics may tip the scales in NBCUniversal’s favor.

The Significance of “Roundball Rock” in NBA History

“Roundball Rock” isn’t merely a theme song; it’s a cultural touchstone that evokes memories of NBA glory days, including the dominance of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Its association with NBC’s coverage symbolizes an era of basketball excellence and legendary commentary.

Ownership and Licensing of the Theme Song

John Tesh, the composer behind “Roundball Rock,” retains ownership of the iconic tune. Licensing agreements with media companies allow for its use in sports broadcasts, with royalties tied to usage frequency.

Nostalgia Associated with “Roundball Rock”

For fans of a certain generation, “Roundball Rock” embodies the excitement and anticipation of NBA matchups. Its resurgence on the airwaves would evoke fond memories and rekindle enthusiasm for the sport.

Fox Sports’ Use of the Theme Song

While Fox Sports secured rights to “Roundball Rock” for college basketball coverage, its association with NBA games remains indelibly linked to NBC. The song’s return to its original home would be a homecoming celebrated by fans worldwide.

John Tesh’s Perspective on the Song’s Popularity

John Tesh marvels at the enduring popularity of “Roundball Rock,” noting its widespread adoption by fans and musicians alike. Its resurgence reflects a renewed appreciation for its timeless melody and nostalgic charm.

Potential Return of “Roundball Rock” to NBC Sports

Should NBC Sports secure NBA broadcasting rights, “Roundball Rock” could once again echo through living rooms across the nation. Its reintroduction would signal a triumphant reunion of sport and soundtrack, reigniting passion for NBA action.

Implications of NBC’s Bid on NBA Broadcasting

NBCUniversal’s bid not only signals a financial commitment to sports broadcasting but also heralds a potential shift in the NBA media landscape. The return of a familiar voice and theme would reshape viewer expectations and engagement.

Fan Reactions and Anticipation

The prospect of “Roundball Rock” returning to NBC Sports has elicited excitement and anticipation from fans worldwide. Social media platforms buzz with speculation and nostalgia, underscoring the song’s enduring legacy.

Future of NBA Broadcasting

As negotiations unfold and broadcasting rights are allocated, the future of NBA broadcasting hangs in the balance. The outcome will shape not only how fans consume basketball but also the cultural resonance of iconic themes like “Roundball Rock.”


In the ever-evolving landscape of sports media, nostalgia and innovation intersect in the form of “Roundball Rock.” Its potential return underscores the enduring power of music to evoke emotion and capture the spirit of the game. As negotiations progress, one thing remains certain: the melody of “Roundball Rock” reverberates with timeless resonance.

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