June 20, 2024
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Marjorie Hass Honored with the 2024 ACE Donna Shavlik Award in the U.S

Marjorie Hass Honored with the 2024 ACE Donna Shavlik Award in the U.S

In a celebration of excellence and dedication to higher education, Marjorie Hass, President of Rhodes College, has been bestowed with the prestigious 2024 ACE Donna Shavlik Award. This esteemed recognition highlights her remarkable contributions to the advancement of women in leadership roles within the academic sphere.

The ACE Donna Shavlik Award: A Tribute to Leadership

The American Council on Education (ACE) annually presents the Donna Shavlik Award to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the advancement of women in higher education, fostering a culture of inclusivity, mentorship, and empowerment. Marjorie Hass stands as a beacon of inspiration, embodying the values and ideals that the award represents.

Championing Gender Equality and Diversity

Throughout her career, Marjorie Hass has tirelessly advocated for gender equality, diversity, and the development of women leaders in academia. Her unwavering dedication to these causes has created lasting impacts, not only within her institution but across the entire educational landscape.

Transformative Leadership at Rhodes College

Under her transformative leadership at Rhodes College, Marjorie Hass has implemented initiatives aimed at breaking barriers and providing equal opportunities for all. One of her notable achievements includes the establishment of the “Women Leading at Rhodes” initiative, a comprehensive program designed to cultivate leadership skills, foster mentorship relationships, and promote career advancement for women in various academic and administrative roles.

A National Advocate for Gender Equity

In addition to her impactful work within Rhodes College, Marjorie Hass has been a vocal advocate for gender equity in higher education on a national scale. Her participation in numerous panels, conferences, and initiatives has played a pivotal role in raising awareness, driving conversations, and effecting positive change within the broader academic community.

Recognition of Commitment: The 2024 ACE Donna Shavlik Award

Receiving the 2024 ACE Donna Shavlik Award is a testament to Marjorie Hass’s steadfast commitment to advancing the status of women in higher education. Her visionary leadership, passion for inclusivity, and dedication to creating a more equitable academic landscape have left an indelible mark on the field.

Embracing a Vision for the Future

In her acceptance speech, Marjorie expressed gratitude for the honor and emphasized the importance of continued efforts to empower women leaders in academia. She highlighted the need for ongoing support, mentorship, and opportunities for women to excel and lead with confidence.

Inspiring Excellence and Equity

As we celebrate Marjorie Hass’s well-deserved recognition, we are reminded of the transformative power of inclusive leadership and the profound impact it can have on shaping the future of higher education. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to us all, encouraging us to strive for excellence, equity, and empowerment in academia and beyond.

A Call to Action for Inclusivity

The 2024 ACE Donna Shavlik Award stands as a symbol of recognition for Marjorie Hass’s outstanding contributions, but it also serves as a call to action for continued progress towards a more inclusive and diverse educational landscape. Through her leadership and advocacy, Marjorie Hass has paved the way for a brighter and more equitable future for women in higher education.

Congratulations and Appreciation

We congratulate Marjorie Hass on this remarkable achievement and express our deepest appreciation for her tireless dedication to advancing gender equity and empowering women leaders in academia. Her legacy will continue to inspire generations of scholars, educators, and leaders to come.

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