May 30, 2024

IATSE Local 705 Strikes Tentative Deal with Studios on Craft-Specific Matters

IATSE Local 705 Strikes Tentative Deal with Studios on Craft-Specific Matters

In the world of Hollywood production, behind-the-scenes negotiations between labor unions and studios often determine the fate of countless workers. The recent news of IATSE Local 705 reaching a tentative agreement on craft-specific issues with studios marks another milestone in this ongoing saga.

The Agreement

Details of the Deal

The specifics of the agreement between IATSE Local 705 and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) are currently undisclosed. However, it represents a significant step forward for the West Coast costumers’ union.

Statement from IATSE

IATSE’s international vice president, Mike Miller, commended the negotiation committees for their leadership during the talks. He expressed optimism about the next phase of negotiations.

Local-Specific Deals

Previous Agreements

IATSE Local 705 is not alone in its negotiations with the AMPTP. It joins ten other West Coast Locals that have struck provisional deals, covering various aspects of the industry.


These agreements set the stage for broader negotiations that will address critical issues affecting all Locals.

The Road Ahead

Upcoming Negotiations

The larger West Coast IATSE negotiations are scheduled to resume soon, focusing on fundamental issues such as wage increases, workplace safety, and contractual language.

Potential Challenges

While the recent deals have fostered a sense of peace, the possibility of a strike authorization vote looms if agreements are not reached by July 31.


The tentative agreement reached by IATSE Local 705 is a testament to the power of negotiation in the entertainment industry. As the broader negotiations continue, all eyes will be on the outcome and its impact on the future of Hollywood labor relations.

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