May 30, 2024
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Full Jury Panel Chosen for Trump’s Landmark Criminal Trial

Full Jury Panel Chosen for Trump's Landmark Criminal Trial

In a discussion regarding Michael Cohen’s cell phones, Emil Bove, a member of Donald Trump’s legal team, conveyed their objection to the sealing of entire exhibits in a public trial. While they are not opposed to redacting personal identifying information from Cohen’s cell phones, including his contacts, they argue against sealing the entire exhibits.

Prosecutor’s Response

Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger countered the argument by stating that redacting the documents would be an arduous task, describing it as “extremely, extremely burdensome.” She highlighted the enormity of the task, which would involve combing through thousands of pages and thousands of Cohen’s phone contacts.

Court Resumes After Lunch Break

The court reconvened after a lunch break to discuss the prosecution’s motion for the sealing of exhibits related to Michael Cohen’s cell phones. Additionally, the judge scheduled a Sandoval hearing for the afternoon session, a routine hearing that will address Donald Trump’s criminal history and determine the extent of questioning if he testifies.

Jury Selection Completed

Before the lunch break, jury selection concluded with a panel of 12 jurors and six alternates being seated. The process, which began on Monday, ended Friday afternoon after careful consideration and questioning of potential jurors.

NYPD Reviewing Security Protocols

Chief Jeffrey Maddrey of the New York Police Department announced a review of security protocols following an incident outside the courthouse. A man set himself on fire, prompting law enforcement to assess security measures, although the man did not breach existing protocols as the park was open to the public.

Man in Critical Condition After Self-Immolation

The individual who set himself on fire outside the Manhattan courthouse is reported to be in critical condition. The New York Police Department is investigating the incident, including the individual’s social media presence, although a direct link to Trump’s trial has not been established.

Trump and Prosecutors Inside Courtroom

Former President Donald Trump, accompanied by his attorneys, returned to the courtroom after the lunch break. As proceedings resumed, Trump engaged in conversation with his attorney Todd Blanche, preparing for the next phase of the trial.

NYPD Assures Public Safety

The NYPD assured the public that there were no ongoing safety threats following the incident outside the courthouse. Law enforcement officials briefed the media on the situation, emphasizing increased traffic congestion in the area as investigations continue.

Discussion on Change of Venue

An appeals court heard arguments on Trump’s motion to change the trial venue. Despite Trump’s request to halt proceedings for this purpose, the appellate judge denied the motion, prompting further discussion on the change of venue.

Understanding Sandoval Hearing

Donald Trump faces a Sandoval hearing, a routine procedure that examines a defendant’s criminal history. This hearing will influence the extent of permissible questioning if Trump decides to testify during the trial.

Recap: Complete Jury Panel Seated

All jurors, including alternates, have been sworn in for Trump’s trial. The panel comprises 12 jurors and six alternates, with opening statements scheduled to commence on Monday. The completion of jury selection marks a crucial milestone in the trial proceedings. As Trump’s trial progresses, each development brings new insights into the legal proceedings and the broader implications for both the defendant and the legal system. From jury selection to security concerns, the trial continues to captivate public attention, shaping the narrative of one of the most closely watched legal battles in recent memory.

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